Extreme Landings PRO v3.4.1 (Unlocked)

Test your piloting skills and handle the foremost vital flight conditions acknowledged to man.

Cope with emergencies and incidents galvanized by real world situations in a very climactic epinephrin rush.
Start every engine separately, navigate between the instrumentality dashboard panels and be able to solve over five,000 potential things so as to succeed in the very best pilot ranking.

The machine includes thirty six missions to accomplish, 216 challenges to pass, fashioning and worldwide navigation with over five hundred correct airports replicas likewise as real time climate.


– thirty six missions
– 216 challenges vi of that in world competitions
– twenty HD airports
– quick landing mode with world competition and five fault levels.
– aircraft landing System, ILS
– Speed autopilot, Route, Altitude and Vertical speed – Primary Flight show
– Navigation show
– microwave radar for managing Microburst, Ice and wind
– Advanced engine system with ignition, faults and hearth safety
– Fuel management with weight reconciliation, Jettison and real consumption
– Landing gears management with manual unlocking system
– Full management of the rudder, flaps, reversers and spoilers
– APU management
– Worldwide navigation with 548 airports and 1107 usable runways, real or customizable climate
– fashioning with over 8000 waypoints (VOR, NDB, TACAN, DME, GPS, FIX)
– Automatic Flight designing Configuration
– Cinema replay system
– 3D virtual cockpit with integrated instrumentation
– SRTM30 and real terrestrial elevation
– MODIS VCF real outline
– OpenWeatherMap period climate

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