How To Install TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge

For android users who already know the word root and custom rom. TWRP is definitely mandatory in install on his smartphone. and of course we are familiar with this must have a lot to understand about the android system.

TWRP is a custom recovery which has many features compared to samsung built-in system recovery or other devices. With TWRP you can install .zip .img file, wipe partition, backup and restore partition, mount file system, file manager, and many others which would be very useful if your smartphone bootloop or want to install root and custom rom

Here’s how to install the correct TWRP on samsung s6 and s6 edge:

  • 1. Download Odin HERE
  • 2. Download Samsung USB Driver HERE
  • 3. Download TWRP pal here Galaxy S6 | Galaxy S6 Edge (REMEMBER SELECT THE FORMAT .IMG.TAR)
  • 4. Download all the files above and make one folder so easy later. do not forget to install USB driver above
  • 5. Extract Odin and Run Odin.exe
  • 6. When odin is already running, Click on AP then select file twrp.img.tar
  • 7. Turn off Your Smartphone and boot into download mode by pressing HOME + POWER + VOL DOWN button simultaneously. Then Smartphone will go to promp download mode.
  • 8. If you already connect Smartphone pal with USB cable to PC / Laptop. If it is then press the VOl UP button on your Smartphone to enter the download mode.
  • 9. Make sure Your Smartphone already detected on odin with blue on odin port, If you have just click start on odin.
    (Always hold Your Smartphone)
  • 10. If you have finished install recovery on odin td then Smartphone reboot automatically. DIRECT PUSH HOME + POWER + VOL UP Simultaneously until going into recovery.
  • Note:
    * If  Your Smartphone even boot into the home screen boot, certainly TWRP installation failed.
    * If you fail to flash again
    * Read No. 10 Carefully
    * The key is to finish install twrp in odin pal rush HOME + POWER + VOL UP button to enter into twrp do not boot to the home screen.
  • 11. if my pal with the words above would understand. Buddy rush squeeze after Smartphone automatically reboots. If you have entered TWRP once only then TWRP will not be lost. Congrats! Your Smartphone already installed TWRP.

It’s a bit complicated install TWRP on samsung s6 is compared with other devices. But after trying it will feel very easy. Good luck!

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